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Luisa H.- Health Coach



This challenge is designed for you to connect with yourself. It's time to put yourself in FIRST PLACE by prioritizing your health goals, cultivating your self-love, strengthening your mind and believing 100% in yourself.

-You will learn in a simple and practical way how to put together your food dishes to nourish yourself, burn fat and lose weight.

- You will learn tools to reduce those cravings that are controlling your life by 80%.

- You will increase your energy and vitality through food and physical exercise.

- You will improve your self-esteem.

- You will be able to fall asleep better.

- You will understand what you really value in your life.


- 8 Video-recorded classes where I explain everything you need to know to achieve your goals in the challenge.

-Challenge Guide (Complete instructions)

- Food guide (Learn the most important things about nutrition in an easy way).

-2 meal plan options for 15 days so you can choose the one that best suits your context and taste.

-Recipebook with easy, quick, healthy, delicious and very nutritious recipes.

-Manual with strategies to reduce cravings and promote fat loss.

- Manual to learn how to read nutritional labeling

- Training routines for the entire challenge with videos so you know how to do each exercise.

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