Do you want to improve your life? Pay Attention to Your Habits. What Are Habits?

It is as simple to define it as saying that they are behaviors that have been repeated so many times that they become automatic. You may think to yourself: "Does this mean that if I stop eating sugar for It has its merits especially when looking for lasting and effective long-term changes that are in line with personal values, and on the other hand it is basic when simply following the necessary steps... I will explain it to you.

The approach of the author James Clear when presenting habits in his book 'Atomic Habits' seems phenomenal to me, he defines them as reliable solutions to recurring problems that happen around us, as well as shortcuts learned thanks to experience "trial - failure - learning , different test – failure or victory – learning” that result in a sequence of steps that are followed to solve a problem.

The above may at first seem like a mathematical operation, but if you look at it in detail it is more logical and practical than you think. I'll give you an example: to achieve total silence in the morning and thus meditate, read and write, I must get up at 5:00 am (there is no type of noise around at that time). What should I do to achieve this? Go to bed no later than 10:00 pm to be able to sleep 7 hours and take advantage of the first hour of the day. This is precisely the solution to my problem of achieving total calm to carry out my personal needs, otherwise I would find it very complicated.

Now let's do this practical exercise: Ask yourself the following question: What are those everyday problems that I would like or need to solve to achieve________ (specifically describe why you will do it) and think of an effective way to solve it every day, don't get complicated, choose one now continuation of 1 to 2 actions that you can implement today consistently and START. If it works better for you to write in a visible place the solution you want to obtain to stay focused, do it... They say that the worst diligence is the one that is not done and that done is better than perfect, in the end it is always about progress and not perfection. Do you measure up to the challenge?

If you try it, write to me in the comments how it went. I would love to read you

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