10 Reasons to Include Exercise in Your Daily Routine

If there is one habit through which I have learned valuable lessons, it has been through exercise.

Since I was very little I have had contact with sports. My parents have been the protagonists, they enrolled us (my brother and I) in all the activities there were and to be had; I trained in different disciplines, field tennis, horse riding, basketball, volleyball, artistic gymnastics, dance and I even told my parents that I would be like CHECHI BAENA (Colombian world skating champion) and I would be a great skater (what I wanted most were those perfect inline skates and seeing myself skating like a pro), well I tell you that I lasted about 3 years in this sport and when my skates were stolen it was the perfect excuse to stop (the training sessions began to be on weekends at 5 :30 am and at that time I was not willing to "sacrifice" those hours of sleep ")

I have been very good at sport, however I never really felt that calling to be an athlete or a medalist, sport simply came into my life as a tool that my parents instilled in me and that today when I write these lines I realize the great treasure and the invaluable inheritance they have given me. THANK YOU DADDY AND MOMMY FOR HAVING CULTIVATED THIS HABIT IN ME, especially for forcing me to go to many of the training sessions despite my tantrums and my excuses, that has shaped a large part of who I am TODAY.

Precisely because of all the benefits that I enjoy now, I want to share with you my 10 most powerful reasons for you too to include exercise in your daily life and obtain great rewards in your life. Keep in mind that it is never too late and the perfect time is NOW.

1. It has taught me to be DISCIPLINED and to achieve anything in life, discipline is a key ingredient.

2. My SELF-ESTEEM. Thanks to exercise I feel and look very good and that has greatly influenced my confidence in achieving my goals, interacting with other people and especially with myself.

3. It has had a great impact on me PHYSICAL HEALTH. My body rarely gets weak or sick. My heart, lungs, bones and muscles are strengthened. I can feel it every day.

4. It allows me to keep my MENTAL HEALTH . When I train I manage to be present, I release stress, my creativity flows, and I feel super happy. (There are chemical reactions in the brain that explain it. Segregation of dopamine and serotonin).

5. I have improved my SELF-KNOWLEDGE about the sports activities that I enjoy and with which I vibrate: Weight training, high intensity, walking through forests, mountain routes, riding a bike, running, dancing and jumping rope.

6. I have strengthened my CONNECTIONS with other human beings thanks to sports practice, especially through our BALANCE VITAL ® community and being in a gym where it is possible to get closer to other people.

7. Helps me REGULATE EMOTIONS such as anger, fear, confusion, stress.

8. It drives me to BREAK MY LIMITS . Every time I set a sports goal and exceed it, it shows me that I am capable of achieving whatever I set my mind to.

9. He challenges me to TO BE CREATIVE and try new routines and different training modalities.

10. Fills me with TRUST and SECURITY in myself.

In reality, I fall short in writing to you about all the good things that training brings, that's why I prepared a video where I explain more in depth and teach you 5 STEPS TO MAKE EXERCISE A HABIT IN YOUR LIFE.

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